Can't Stop The Rock
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2 Comments Can't Stop The Rock - 03-13-2006 23:33:50
I've shot a couple of bands lately. Just for fun really. I used to shoot live music all the time when I was a youngin' back in Florida. Then I moved out here and decided most everyone sucked, so I stopped going out. I don't feel bad about thinking that and in a lot of ways it still holds true for me. I have since learned that there are in fact a lot of really cool people out here. You just have to find them. So maybe I'll get around to posting some of the band photos soon, but right now I'm tired and I'm ready to go jump in my new bed, located in my new bedroom, and curl up around the blondie for a few hoursof peace and love before waking up and starting a brand new shitty day. Can you tell from my recent posts that I'm back on the downside of my increasingly frequent moodswings? I need a few weeks off I think. Completely free of any responsibility or plans. I have no idea what I would do with the time, but that's the point. I need to have time to do whatever I want to do, NOT to be constantly under pressure to get things done or be a certain place at a certain time. Of course that won't happen because I can't afford to take any time off. OK... I said I was going to bed. I'm gone! Canon EOS 10D
15 mm
1/40 sec
f 3.5
ISO 800