Airplanes Are Shitty Models
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1 Comments Airplanes Are Shitty Models - 03-19-2006 20:54:28
They just don't cooperate with you! I will it to go one way and it goes the exact opposite. Stupid airplanes! So I went back to Balboa Park today. I didn't intend on going there, but that is where I ended up. I told myself that I need to keep going back until I shoot something there that is mine. By that I mean, I need to shoot something that doesn't look like the typical "photoblogger" images like I did previously. I liked those well enough, but I was just imitating a style I've seen everywhere. It's not MY style. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure anymore what MY style is, but I think I might know it when I see it. Today though I ended up shooting absolutely nothing in the park. There was even an anti war rally going on which got me all excited when I first saw it, because that always has the potential for excitement. Unfortunately it was just a bunch of folks preaching to their own chior. It still baffles me why they do that. And in the event someone with opposing ideas shows up it's usually more confrontational than constructive. Ideas aren't shared and debated logically with the idea of understanding the other sides point of view. Idea's that have been sharpened into three word long slogans of hate are hurled back and forth with no intention other than out shouting your opponent for the cameras. It really is depressing. Canon EOS 20D
85 mm
1/640 sec
f 6.3
ISO 100