No One Knew What The Hell It Was!
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2 Comments No One Knew What The Hell It Was! - 03-23-2006 23:19:17
Tonight was the night for the South Park Photo Club to meet. Of course, once again I waited until the night before to shoot a photo. Not so much because of procrastination this time as because of not having a clue how to shoot this particular word. Tempestuous was the word. I kind of played off of the whole tempest in a teapot thing. Danny did the same thing and it was great, but he shot an actual teapot with steam coming out. I was completely against listening to the stupid thing blow it's steam though so I just shot a photo of water boiling in a pot. BTW... if you are wondering. It was a long exposure and I used multiple pops of a gel covered flash to get that look. I don't know (or care) why the Exif data shows up the way it does, but it was a 10 second exposure, not a 1/0 second exposure :) Very tempestous I thought. But just as I thought, barely anyone even figured out what it was until after I explained it. Oh well. It's a nice photo anyway. It's nice to see I can still do it! Canon EOS 20D
150 mm
10 sec
f 16
ISO 100