Fuck You Too!
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0 Comments Fuck You Too! - 03-25-2006 23:54:05
Went to a local club tonight to hear a couple of my friends bands play. It was the first time I had heard either of the bands and I'm happy to say that they didn't suck. I'm always afraid my friends bands will suck. There are so many bad bands out there that it's highly likely that they would suck. I've been lucky though and haven't had to pretend to like something I didn't. Not all was good though. I decided very quickly that my lens sucked too bad to even bother shooting. Yes... my new lens. I knew it had a problem so I shouldn't have brought it but I was hoping I could trick it into working right. I did occasionally, but for the most part the focus was always a bit off. The lens has a serious front focus issue and I need to send it back to have it calibrated. No big deal really since it's brand new and under warranty, but it's a huge pain in the ass none the less. Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/60 sec
f 1.4
ISO 800