I Won Porn!
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0 Comments I Won Porn! - 04-15-2006 22:37:17
At the little art shindig I took the last photo at(the one of Mithra lying in broken glass with a cute girl on him) I actually won an easter basket full of goodies. This photo was taken after I tossed a bit of my winnings to(Mithra says AT)the people standing around the stage. The basket was full of those little plastic easter eggs that you can put stuff inside of. I opened one and there was candy in it so I sort of assumed the others had candy as well. Today Eloise got into the basket and found that they weren't all candy after all. One of them had a tiny little painting of an Evil Bunny in it. That made me even happier than the porn because earlier in the night I had been wanting to buy one of the large Evil Bunny paintings. This Is The One In My Egg I still want one of the large ones but I think I should save my pennies. You see, I sent my taxes off today. I'm not gonna go into the details of why, but I owed a little over $5,000! So I sent them $1,000 of it today with a request to make payments of $300/mo. until it's paid off. That wouldn't really be bad if I weren't already paying off a ton of old credit card debt at the rate of $500/mo. Oh well... someday I may dig myself out of this hole. Hopefully while I'm still able to get around without the aid of a walker. Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/15 sec
f 1.6
ISO 1600