The Sky... Minus All Of The Dust Spots On My Sensor
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4 Comments The Sky... Minus All Of The Dust Spots On My Sensor - 04-17-2006 21:43:53
Me and the girl finally made it out for a short little hike again on Sunday. It was a beautiful day as you can see even though it was a bit windy and chilly. I wish I didn't have to fucking work. I really have to find some way to juggle the whole work and play thing better. Right now it's not working very well. And there's also the problem that I actually need to be doing more work so I can pay off all of these bills so I stop feeling like there's no way out and I'm going to be living like this for the rest of my life. Things To Do: 1. Get my car smogged so I can renew the registration(it's failed and cost a ton to repair the last two times) 2. Pay my hosting bill(it has to be paid a year in advance) 3. Visit the parents in Florida(plane tickets are twice what I've ever had to pay before) 4. Find the time and money to shoot new paysite content for myself and get it built. 5. Come up with the extra $700 ransom Visa wants before I can accept them as a payment method(on my old sites they accounted for about 70% of sales) 6. Tuck away money for next years taxes. 7. A billion other things that I will remember later. Canon EOS 20D
40 mm
1/80 sec
f 20
ISO 100