Cute Ass #411 (from the front)
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0 Comments Cute Ass #411 (from the front) - 09-29-2005 00:32:27
Wow! Just snapped out of a daydream where I was smashing EVERYTHING. Most importantly the computer, but then it moved to a camera that's sitting right next to me, then I just gave up and went for a walk since everything I owned that was important to me was in pieces. The walk felt good. This all started because my CD's keep skipping. I'm sure it's because they're old as dirt and completely fucked up but knowing that doesn't make me want to smash something any less. Of course I wouldn't do that even though it would feel sooo good. I'd give it all to someone who would appreciate it before I went and smashed it all up. Not gonna do that either, but it is fun to think about sometimes. I'm feeling a bit off again as you can probably tell. It's like a fucking roller coaster lately! And I'm not talking about one of the fun, crazy ass ones at Magic Mountain, I'm talking about that boring ass coaster on Mission Beach that's so shitty you can't wait to get off because all you can really say about it is that it goes up and down. So I'm about to change the format of this blog. I've been putting it off for ever just because I'm lazy and don't feel like learning any new tricks at this point. The other more sensible reasons are that I know nothing about PHP or MySQL database shit so I'm gonna be completely lost as to what's going on with the back end of my site. I REALLY like to know why things happen the way they do. So as of right now it looks like I'm going to be putting my faith into the "state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform" (their words, not mine) known as WordPress. Why WordPress and not the oh so kickass(just from what I've seen) Movable Type? Because my host has WP as a one-click install and all I really have to do is find a usable theme and upload it to immediately start using it. I doubt it's that much harder to install MT, but did you read what I typed... ONE-click! So I'm gonna screw with that tonight and see if I can't have it up and running for the beginning of October. Don't hold your collective breath though. It's already 9:45 and I have a buzz. Tomorrow I have to work and immediately after work I'm shooting one of my old models (my last post with her)for a few hours just for the hell of it. Saturday I might have a few hours but I doubt it. I'll most likely be working on the photos shot Friday night and then Sat. night is Sparky's birthday so it's off to the bar for a bit. Can't stay out late(but probably will) since I have a huge shoot on Sunday. Can't really talk about that one yet, but it involves another hot girl with a shortage of clothing. Click Here for more photos of the front of yesterday's nice ass. N/A
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