Cute Ass #411
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0 Comments Cute Ass #411 - 09-28-2005 00:47:49
I think that last ass was some of my best ass work from back in the day when I was updating a panty fetish website weekly. Even though the ass below isn't shot as well as the last one and it could be argued that it's a "nicer" ass in general, I have to say that this one is my favorite from back then because it was connected to one of the coolest models I ever worked with. And that of course made me want to fuck her silly. Of course I never got to. In fact, I never even got to shoot her again. Such is my luck sometimes. People just call me lucky, they don't ever say what kind of luck I have! And on a technical note. Do these photos look right to you? Color, contrast, etc. I swear they look green as fuck to me now that I have them in Dreamweaver. They looked fine when I finished correcting them in Photoshop 10 minutes ago. And it's not a color space issue. They were sRGB from the start. They may be fine. My only computer these days is a laptop so the screen is useless at best. I just trick myself into thinking it's fine since everyone is getting those cheap ass flat screens that look like shit anyway these days. Regardless. I REALLY need to dive into Photoshop a little deeper. I'm mediocre at best and most of the time I feel completely inept. Where to find the time though. Here I am sitting at the computer at 11:00 PM wondering where the time went again!. Fucking J-O-B! Click Here for more photos of this nice ass. N/A
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