I'm Going Fucking Crazy!
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0 Comments I'm Going Fucking Crazy! - 05-10-2006 15:15:46
It's the same old problems. I don't know why they seem so magnified today, but when I get like this it's hard to keep my mind on what it needs to be on. Right now that would be work. I'm leaving for another weekend trip tomorrow and I've got a million things to do before then, but eveything is going wrong. I'm at the point where every little thing nearly sends me into a rage. It's not anyone elses fault but it's hard not to freak the fuck out when they do little shit that normally just annoys me, but on days like today seem like a good enough reason to start the next world war. I need my own little cave to work in when I'm like this. It would probably help all the time. It's hard as fuck to focus when I have people coming in and out or making noise around me. For instance, the rattle of a potato chip bag and the ensuing chomping that goes along with it sound like a fucking bomb going off in my head. I try to get my head phones on as fast as I can to get some loud music going to drown out the sounds, but it never works. I can still hear it, whatever IT happens to be at the moment. This doesn't just happen at work and most of the time I am able to tune it out or just live with it. I fully realize that this kind of manic behaviour has a direct effect on my relationships with others and I need to do something about it. But what? I'm just taking the time out right now to do a brain dump here because it usually tends to help. Unfortunately now that I'm done there are FUCKING CRICKETS CHIRPING IN THE OFFICE!!!!!!!!! I just wanna go home please. Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/50 sec
f 1.8
ISO 100