The LAST night EVER!!!
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0 Comments The LAST night EVER!!! - 05-15-2006 18:46:55
Tonight(Monday) is the last night for Sparky's at it's current location in South Park. It will re-open, but that will be quite a ways away in La Mesa. I'm sad to say my visits to Sparky's will probably be few and far between after this. I'm not a fan of drinking and driving, the buses stop running way before I'm ever ready to stop drinking and taxis cost too damn much to make a habit out of them. I'm still playing the lotto though and when I finally hit the big one I'll set up my own fucking bus service from the front door of the old Sparky's to the front door of the new one so all the regulars will have no excuse. I could bitch and moan all night, but I think a better option is to go help them drink the last of the beer. I think the rule is that no one can leave until all of the stock is gone so come one up and help out if you live in the hood. And in case you need anymore reason to come out and drink than it being the last night to drink in the oldest bar in San Diego, I also heard Elle was gonna be playing jukebox DJ tonight wearing that same outfit in the photo. OK... maybe I made that last part up, but it's nice to dream:) Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/30 sec
f 2
ISO 800