Cute Ass #673 (from the front)
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0 Comments Cute Ass #673 (from the front) - 09-27-2005 00:53:48
I guess for every front there has to be a back, right? So here's the front side of that nice ass from the last post. Many different views, same yummy tummy... and other things yummy. It's 9:20 BTW. I'm a little drunk. Not much. Just enough to make me not want to do any real work. I NEED to do some real work though. It's so much more fun to play with photos of female body parts though. Although I'd really like to smash the TV or strangle my own neck sometimes for the amount of time I waste doing senseless things, I really must say that I don't really feel that bad about it in the end. I've always lived my life by doing exactly what I want to do and if that happens to be watching the idiot box or getting too drunk to see myself in the mirror then so be it. I made the decision to do it and I'm not gonna second guess myself anymore. Actually I might do exactly that in the morning, but right I'm not worried about it. Click Here to check out more of the yum yum! N/A
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