An Old Project With A New Look
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0 Comments An Old Project With A New Look - 05-28-2006 15:33:45
For quite a few years now I've been shooting behind the scenes photos at work. Not really with the intention of doing anything with them other than posting them on my blog occasionally. An opportunity came up recently for me to hang some photos up for a show. Once I started looking at what I've been doing lately I realized that the ONLY thing I've been consistently shooting the last few years(besides Sparky's photos) has been work related stuff. And once I started taking a look at it all I realized that I have quite a collection going. In fact, so much of a collection that I decided this stuff needed it's own website. So go check out Behind The Fetish and let me know what you think. Canon EOS 20D
35 mm
1/200 sec
f 14
ISO 100