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0 Comments Back To Work! - 06-26-2006 23:49:30
Today was rough! I would have loved to have stayed in bed all day and sleep off the weekend, but unfortunately that's never a possibility on a Monday unless I plan it way in advance. The reason for my state of being was a good one though. Me and the girl decided to drive up to San Francisco and surprise some friends of ours that were having a party. Of course we didn't decide to do this until about 3:30 Sat. afternoon and the party started around 8:00. It took us a bit to get a rental car so even speeding the whole way there we didn't get to the party until almost 1:00AM. Four hours, a lot of beer and a whole lot of fun later we went to sleep. We finally hit the road for home around 4:30 after lounging around most of the day. We rolled into the house about midnight, but I think I stared at the ceiling until around 3:00AM before I finally went to sleep with the help of some Tylenol PM. All in all it was a fine trip. I could have done without the stress of getting lost in the city and it would have been nice to have the bright idea to go a little earlier in the day on Saturday, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I love our friends! Canon EOS 20D
47 mm
1/200 sec
f 10
ISO 100