Saved From The Trash Bin
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0 Comments Saved From The Trash Bin - 09-25-2005 01:07:16
When I got fired from my old job at this skateboard / wakeboard / multimedia / bunch of assholes who couldn't manage money to save their lives / piece of shit company they scooted me out the door pretty quickly. Guess they thought I might run off with everything they owned. I would have to if they had anything I wanted, but all of the equipment I used was mine. The only thing I wasn't able to get was everything I had shot for them. I got a lot of it. Most of the good stuff had been sent off to various places or lost in the shuffle anyway so I didn't care. When the company finally went under I finally got my hands on the big box of slides I had left there. So I bought a tiny little drill and started drilling holes in the corners of all of them so I could sew them to the outside of a suit or something. That never got finished of course because I'm a lazy fuck, but just close your eyes and imagine how kick-ass that would have been. Anyway... In the huge piles of crap I found a few keepers and scanned them for some reason I can't remember. Here are a couple I just came across while looking through old CDs. Click Here for another skate shot from way back. Sleep now... zzzzzzzzzz N/A
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