Hotel Hallway Nude
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1 Comments Hotel Hallway Nude - 08-13-2006 23:18:45
I met D. Brian Nelson for a beer this evening. I've mentioned him here before because he has a mighty fine blog called Hotel Room Nudes. I hope I'm not pulling his covers here by saying he was super nice guy. Kinda gave me a kick in the pants though when he told me the reason I'm not linked on his blog anymore is because I suck at posting. He was nicer about it than that, but it's true, I do suck. I've been a moody bitch lately and all I feel like doing when I sit down to post is bitching about the sad state of my life. Funny thing is, I'm doing better than ever, but getting older and worrying about things I didn't used to is bringing me down alot lately. I need to just suck it up and live what's left of my life without worrying about shit I have no control over. Blah! So on to what I should be doing. Talking about fun shit and shooting photos. The photo above is from my recent road trip. This was actually taken on the last night of our trip. I wish we would have had this girl with us the whole time and next time she will be there for the whole thing. She's one of those special ones that has no problem being in front of the camera and just instinctively knows what to do. All I had to do was keep up with her. This was shot at the Sahara in Las Vegas. We had a few drinks at a bar on the strip before getting way too much beer and heading back to our hotel room where Rebecca dressed up the girls in some of her latex to shoot photos. First thing Rebecca did was jump out the window with our new model in tow. I just hung out the window and shot her shooting the girl. If I showed those photos on here though Rebecca would probably bust my kneecaps(she was in a bit of an awkward position). After that we hit the hallway. These were probably my favorite shots of the trip. The one above was an afterthought actually. We were already done shooting and the model had gotten dressed. Then someone pulled out Rebecca's rain boots and we had to take this photo. You see, the model's name is Raynn. Get it? Raynn wearing nothing but rain boots. That's funny right? Oh well, i'm going to bed. Canon EOS 20D
15 mm
1/50 sec
f 3.2
ISO 800