Starting From The Beginning
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0 Comments Starting From The Beginning - 08-14-2006 23:21:46
Since I seem to have some kind of block when it comes to writing more than a few paragraphes at a time I'll just post a bit at a time about the road trip. We started out by driving directly to Salvation Mountain. Anytime I'm out by the Salton Sea I HAVE to stop by there. Every time I go now I wonder if Leonard is still going to be there. I was sad to see this time that the heat seemed to be really taking a toll on him. I've never seen him without what seems like boundless energy but this time he really looked like he was slowing down. Of course when he got started showing off his moountain that same old wide eyed, huge smile came back. If only all religious people were as loving, happy and non-judgmental as Lenoard. To be continued... Canon EOS 20D
17 mm
1/250 sec
f 10
ISO 100