Backwards In Time
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0 Comments Backwards In Time - 08-15-2006 21:45:59
I just realized that with the format of this blog you'll be reading the story of this trip backwards unless you've been checking in every day to see if anything is new. Oh well. Anyway... After we left Salvation Mountain we skipped a couple of miles down the road and ended up at this old boarded up motel on the Salton Sea. This is about the time that Rebecca's brand new, straight out of the box camera decided to fuck up. As soon as you turned it on the lens would stop down and none of the controls worked. It took a bit of tinkering to figure out that the depth of field preview button had a short in it and if you touched the camera in a certain spot right below this button it would work fine. Definitely a pain in the ass, but at least it was usable. We shot for a bit here but the heat was pretty fucking unbearable. About an hour or so later we found ourselves hungry and in Indio. This is where we decided to stop for the night. We were specifically looking for a cheap motel with a pool and a bar next door. What we got was a cheap motel($60/night), next to a country karaoke bar that served food. We thought we had hit the jackpot, but when we checked in we found we had REALLY hit the jackpot! According to the desk clerk the pool was open ALL night and we could drink beer as long as it was in cans. As if this wasn't good enough we were also able to get someone's wi-fi signal. I think we all had visions of just living the rest of our days out there. More about the hotel and bar later... Canon EOS 20D
35 mm
1/160 sec
f 9
ISO 100