Too Fucking Hot!!!
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0 Comments Too Fucking Hot!!! - 08-18-2006 22:33:46
Rebecca too! But mostly I was talking about how hot it was in hell Indio that day. On Thursday night we drank at the bar all night. We met a LOT of really interesting people. One of them was Nate. Nate had a bit of a crush on Rebecca and we ended up talking to him and his mother alot of the night. After only about an hour of drinking with them Pam(Nate's mom) gave me their phone number and said that we should stay with them any time we're in Indio. I think she said something about the hotel we were staying at being full of meth heads or something. I'm not sure if she was just being nice or if she was trying to get her son laid. Either way they fucking rocked as did pretty much everyone we met that night and I hope we run into them the next time we're there. After the bar closed down we stopped by the room long enough to grab beer and then headed for the pool. No one was out so we decided it was a perfect time to go skinny dipping. I'm assuming it was so quiet because everyone had to work the next day. We had ourselves a good old time. So good in fact I can't see how we didn't wake someone up. Especially after rebecca went to bed;) The next morning we were woke up by the maid and quickly decided that we were going to stay another night. The rest of the day was spent going between the overly air conditioned room and the pool. We shot photos all over the hotel and jumped a fence to get at the wall on the photo above. Later that night we hit the bar again... Canon EOS 20D
17 mm
1/250 sec
f 11
ISO 100