3:30 AM In Indio
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0 Comments 3:30 AM In Indio - 08-19-2006 22:35:58
The bar wasn't nearly as fun Friday night so we headed back to the room early. We had afterall, bought a THIRTY-SIX PACK of Bud Lite earlier in the day and it needed to be drank. There was a lot more going on at the hotel on this particular night. Some of the more interesting folks were Crackhead Jill, Cowboy Bruce, Kenney the Jamaican and the other Jamaican that I can't remember a name for. We had seen Jill going back and forth from the pool ALL day long, never without a beer in her hand. We didn't really meet Kenney until later but we all hung out in front of our door for quite a while. Mind you, this is about three in the morning by now and we're just getting to know these people. Kenney is in town working on the high tension power lines. He and the other Jamaican work for Bruce. According to Bruce he's never actually lived in one place, prefering to travel around and see what's there. We first caught site of Bruce standing exactly where he is in the photo above. Leaned up against the wall smoking a cigarette decked out exactly like the Marlborro Man. He was even wearing his sun glasses at 3AM. We stayed out pretty much until the sun was about to come up. Things got kinda weird when Jill's 16 year old daughter came out asking if any of us had seen her mother. She was passed out in a chair by the pool at this point. All in all though it was a night to remember. Next morning we got up and after coming very close to staying another night decided we should hit the road and try to make it to Vegas to hook up with Raynn... Canon EOS 20D
28 mm
1/5 sec
f 1.8
ISO 800