The Cows Came Home
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0 Comments The Cows Came Home - 09-24-2005 22:00:05
I only met PJ one time. If I would have never met him I would still feel the same way about him. He was the kind of guy I hope to be remembered as. Those are some big shoes to fill and I doubt I have it in me. I doubt most people do. PJ was special. But I'm gonna try. When I learned of PJ he had already been through one bone marrow transplant and was about to under go the second one. I'll spare you the details since I'd probably get them wrong anyway(there are a LOT of details with this kind of thing). The reason I miss someone so much that I only met once was because he became a part of my life through his own documentation of his life. You see, I'm on a message board where PJ has his own thread specifically about his fight with cancer. I couldn't explain it if I tried, but I will say this. With his life PJ has given me something to strive for. I only hope I can handle such adversity with the kind of dignity and grace that he did if it should come my way. Even with the smaller problems in my life often times seeming to pile up to almost overwhelming proportions I can't help but think about PJ and how he would have handled them with a level headed, matter of fact approach. If there's a problem you have to fix it. The end. No negative shit, nothing. Just do what needs to be done. I'm not very good at that approach yet, but I hope to get better at it as time goes on. Thanks PJ. ETA... Oops! Guess I should explain the photos. PJ had a thing for cows. Couldn't tell you why. He just did. So today was his birthday and there was a party planned for him way back when we all knew he was going to recover. Well obviously he didn't. The party went on as planned though because that's what he wanted. The party was in Colorado though and a lot of us couldn't make it. So tonight in quite a few places all over North America (and possibly a few other continents) PJ's friends are getting together to drink heavily, moo for no particular reason and remember a great man. We miss you PJ! For more cow photos... Click Here N/A
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