Paid Vacation... Wheee!!!!!!!!!
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5 Comments Paid Vacation... Wheee!!!!!!!!! - 08-27-2006 07:10:09
This is my boss. She's actually giving me paid vacation this year which is kinda like being paid to go to Burning Man. Oh yeah!!! Burning Man starts on Monday and I'll be there even after I said I wasn't going this year. Since the blondie is gone I really have nothing better to do though and ten(the number of years I will have been now) seems like a nice round number to stop at. As hard as it has been to convince myself to go this year I really can't imagine going again at this point. Not that I don't still have fun there, it's just that it is a major time and money commitment and there are so many small things throughout the year now that come very close to giving me all of the same things I used to look to Burning Man for but without the huge hassle or price tag. Anyway... I'm out the door and I'll have plenty of fun stuff to post when I get back. That will be either the 4th or 5th of Sept. Canon EOS 20D
17 mm
1/200 sec
f 9
ISO 100