The Fall Guy Was My Favorite TV Show
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0 Comments The Fall Guy Was My Favorite TV Show - 09-24-2005 20:00:03
I wanted to be a stuntman when I was growing up. Since I'm still growing I guess you could say I still want to be a stuntman. I'm a little more realistic about that these days though. Too many years of skateboarding and other general abuse of my body has made it less appealing to fall off the roof or jump off of cliffs anymore. When I was in college my body was still very forgiving. It was around this time that me and my friends took to jumping off of all kinds of shit. One of our favorite places to go was "The Bluffs" along Scenic Highway in Pensacola. Here's a few sequences I dug out of my boxes. The first one is Marcus going all out. It's fun watching him go when someone pulls out a camera. He's a camera whore for sure. For a few more photos of us breaking ourselves... Click Here N/A
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