Look! I'm Happy!
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0 Comments Look! I'm Happy! - 09-12-2006 23:20:35
And I'm not faking it! I can't remember who took this photo of me but I'd like to thank them. Looking at it reminds me how much fun I do have in my life. I smile more than any human should be allowed to. Sometimes it's the last thing I feel like doing but then the blondie blows me a kiss or the kitty monster does something cute and I can't help but smile. Life is good. I swiped that comment from The Hippy but that doesn't mean it isn't true. So that was shot at Burning Man. If you want to take a look at all of my Burning Man photos, Click Here. BTW... I helped Rebecca set up her own photo blog tonight. Check it out by Clicking Here Canon EOS 20D
85 mm
1/250 sec
f 2.8
ISO 100