Not As Mad As I Once Was!
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2 Comments Not As Mad As I Once Was! - 09-23-2005 23:38:46
Today was a good day. Friday's usually are, but considering the week I've had today was especially good just for the simple fact that it wasn't bad. It could have been bad, but all of the models booked were fun and easy to work with. Did you notice anything new about these photos? Yep... I'm doing the old © thing on my photos now. You have no idea what an ordeal that was! No, I'm not an idiot. Putting it there wasn't the problem, deciding what name to put there was. KAP, Keith Allen Phillips, Lucky Bastard, Lucky B. How do people know me? My mom and dad still call me Keith, but more people than not call me Lucky these days. And that is what my little blondie calls me so it must be what's best. Time to go sit down for a movie. Kung Fu Hustle if I'm not mistaken. Bye. For a couple more images from my day... Click Here N/A
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