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0 Comments Damn! - 10-10-2006 23:58:27
That's Raynn. She's super sweet, cuddly, makes cute noises when you scratch her neck AND she's one of the few things I shot photos of this weekend. I would have loved to have shot more but seeing as how beer wasn't the only thing clouding my brain this weekend I thought it better if I left my camera someplace I would remember it in the morning. That wasn't REALLY an issue Sat. while we were at a friends house for a party but I just never got around to taking it out until right before I headed for bed. The only reason I got it out then was because there was quite a disgustingly cute scene of father and child + another random child all passed out on the couch together. Even though I did shoot the photos I'm not about to post them here. I've already stooped as low as kitty pictures and I'll be damned if I'm going to go the route of cute kids. That's why this one of Raynn is being posted. She just happened to be there at the time and I'll always grab a shot of her when I can. That all happened in San Francisco BTW. The day after that party we went to the Burning Man Decompression. Fun was had and as with most things Burning Man related you just had to be there. Thanks to all the cooolest people in the world for taking care of us and making that one of the best weekends ever. We'll see ya sooner rather than later we hope! Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/40 sec
f 1.6
ISO 1600