Here I Am Again!
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0 Comments Here I Am Again! - 10-11-2006 22:45:20
Almost 11:00 on a work night. I've been fucking off since I got home and haven't done a single thing I was planning on doing. I also feel like I'm getting sick. The Blonde is a bit sick right now and I'm bound to get it from her. I just hope it's not too bad whatever it is. It's finally starting to get cold though and I do NOT do well with cold weather. Sure, it's nice to curl up in bed to get warm with a cute girl or even just crank up the heater(which the gas hasn't been turned on to yet) but more often than not it's just COLD! I'm hoping to shoot soon so hopefully I'll have something new photo wise to get excited about here soon. Until then it might be more silly work photos like this one. BTW... hello to all you Navy folks out there watching this thing. It was nice to meet a few of you at the bar the other night. I'll try to keep it interesting for ya! Canon EOS 20D
85 mm
1/160 sec
f 13
ISO 100