Fun In The Desert!
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0 Comments Fun In The Desert! - 10-17-2006 23:34:23
I'm bored to death again and I'm still too lazy to do anything about it. It is SO easy to shoot that I have no right to complain. Maybe I'll get it together this weekend. We're going on a camping trip with a few hundred other people that should provide me with plenty of opportunities to shoot. We'll see what happens. This is Rebecca again from our first tiny little road trip. Thank Dog for B/W. That outfit was the most hideous color you can imagine. Somewhere in the neighborhood of orange/pink/peach. I'd go back and look at the original color version, but my stomach is already a little upset this morning. I might not be able to keep my hot dogs down. Canon EOS 20D
150 mm
1/500 sec
f 4
ISO 100