Behold... The Evil That Is Photoshop!
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2 Comments Behold... The Evil That Is Photoshop! - 10-23-2006 23:57:27
Without a doubt there will be people out there that say "That's so fuckin' kewl!". Those people would be wrong. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done. Every so often after I haven't shot for a while I'll get bored and decide to try to find some old shots that might be turned into keepers with a little help from the old PS. This rarely if ever turns out to be a good thing. Aparently I have a very short memory. Thankfully I don't try it often. After opening the RAW files in PS I usually use only three tools. Those would be the burn, dodge and selective sharpening tools. On rare occasions I will use the selective blur tool or the sponge tool to enhance the saturation. . . . . I had PLENTY to say when I started to type, but it seems I'm incapable of getting it all untangled enough to write it coherently. Let's just say that I think PS is a tool like any other. More than often it is used to mask poor photography skills, but there are some who have turned it into an art form. Then some times it's used by a drunk guy with nothing better to do at midnight on a work night;) Canon EOS 20D
20 mm
1/4 sec
f 5.6
ISO 100