The Things We Do On Halloween
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0 Comments The Things We Do On Halloween - 10-29-2006 17:41:42
I wasn't sure I was even going to go out last night. The girl went to a camp out thingamajig that I wasn't interested in and I just really didn't feel like doing much. Sparky called and was heading up to the Happy Hour though so I hitched a ride with him. After a couple of beers we stopped by a friends house on the way back and they were headed to a costume party. At this point the beer had sufficiently lubricated my social mechanisms so before heading to the party I stopped by the house and put on the santa suit. I ran into exactly two people that I knew there but it was fun anyway. I drank plenty of their beer without asking. Payback for the last time I went to a party where I didn't know anyone and they drank all of my beer. After leaving there everyone I was with called it a night so I was left with only one option... walk around the corner to Hamilton's to finish up the night. It was quite a bit more bearable than usual. Costumed people always make for a good time. You shoulda been there! Canon EOS 20D
15 mm
1/3 sec
f 10
ISO 1600