Rebecca Has A Long Tongue!
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0 Comments Rebecca Has A Long Tongue! - 12-02-2006 13:00:28
Another shot for In other news...
My mother has finally found her way onto the information super highway, or the Interbunny, whichever you like to call it. I got my first email from her today so I know it's true. Hi mom! I love you! This is very exciting news, but at the same time, very scary. Up until this point I've been able to operate on the internet secure in the knowledge that Bonnie had no idea how to get online. Those days are gone. Poor Bonnie. Poor me. Bonnie likes to worry about me(her 34 yr old son baby). I can see it now. Every time I post some rant about something or sound a little depressed I'll get a phone call(or maybe even an email now) to make sure I'm OK. So mom... with your new found freedom of travel on the internet comes a new responsibility. You MUST learn to read what I write here without reading too much into it. This is kind of like a diary for me. I get to rant and rave or spill out all of my problems whenever I like. Just the act of writing them out helps usually. I'm OK. I'm always OK. Oh yeah. Don't show this to anyone(family) that will be offended by naked girls, cursing or naked girls. Yes, I meant to say naked girls twice because I plan on shooting at least twice as many of them from now on. It's fun! Welcome to the Interbunny mom. Have fun and don't open any email attachments from anyone you don't know, keep your anti-virus software up to date, make sure your firewall is turned on, if you get emails from your bank or Paypal asking you to verify your account info... DO NOT DO IT, and that sweet sounding person from Nigeria that wants to pay you to help her get her father's substantial wealth out of the country... DO NOT DO THAT EITHER... she's not really that sweet. She just sounds that way because of the broken English!
Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/40 sec
f 2.8
ISO 800