I Need To Shoot!
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0 Comments I Need To Shoot! - 12-18-2006 23:15:18
Here's another shot of Raynn. That's Rebecca under her. Maybe some day she'll post some more photos from that day. Hint Hint! So yeah, I need to shoot more. Not like that is anything new. I've been slacking on posting here though and it's basically because I don't have anything new to show. I've got plenty of old stuff I could dig out and I probably will until I get around to shooting something new, but I don't like to do that. Oh... I did shoot this weekend. I shot fencing. Not like the white picket kind. I'm talking about the poke each other with pointy sticks kind. It was interesting but I'm completely disappointed with the photos. The conditions where shitty to say the least. Fluorescent lights and fast action don't go together. Lots of slightly out of focus shots and missed shots in general. The main problem was that I don't know shit about fencing. It's hard to anticipate the action to say the least. That's pretty much any sport though. Unless you know it well you aren't going to take very good photos of it. Canon EOS 20D
17 mm
1/125 sec
f 8
ISO 100