Holidays Suck!
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10 Comments Holidays Suck! - 12-20-2006 23:42:09
Well, Halloween is pretty fuckin' sweet, but other than that I'm not a fan of holidays or birthdays. I'll start with birthdays. I never forget my own birthday, but I have forgotten how many I have had on occasion. I know my mother's birthday is in February. I'm not sure which day exactly, but it's somewhere near Valentine's Day. I don't remember any of my other parents birthdays, or my step brothers or Eloise's. I have absolutely know idea how old any of them are either except for Eloise. I'm pretty sure she is 27 or 28. I know that my friend Ozzy's birthday is on Nov. 1st because it is the day before Halloween. I remember my friend Kris's birthday is on Oct. 9th and Ricky's is on May 9th because they are the same day of the month as mine. Don't know why I remember the months. So you can see how hard it would be for me to get people presents or plan anything for their birthdays because I don't remember them. I wish I could remember some of them just because I'd like to give them a call. I think they'd appreciate it. Mostly the parents. I'm fine with people forgetting my birthday. I'd prefer it in fact even though I've had some pretty sweet birthdays. They just don't make a difference to me. Then there is the other holidays. X-mas is the one on my mind right now of course. It's a huge pain in the ass. Everyone is traveling. Everyone has these expectations. The gift giving, visiting the family, smiling, etc. OK, this is going nowhere. I could keep bitching all night. Bottom line is that I expect nothing from anyone for my birthday or x-mas. I'm sure as fuck not going out of my way to do anything for anyone else that I wouldn't normally. I don't have the time OR the money. Believe me, if I did, everyone I love would be getting shit all year long! And if you insist on doing something for me I assure you all it does is make me feel guilty in the small part of my brain that I haven't been able to push these stupid human expectations out of. And mom, I'm getting fatter by the day. If you send me candy I will eat the whole bag in a single sitting. Proof is in the photo. Yes... those are all empty. Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/125 sec
f 5.6
ISO 100