Kitty Monster Hates You... Wait! Do You Have Tuna?
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3 Comments Kitty Monster Hates You... Wait! Do You Have Tuna? - 01-06-2007 23:32:31
That's the Kitty Monster helping Eloise grade papers a couple of months ago. She'd make one hell of a kitty actress if every part she got called for her to look like she was shooting daggers at you with her eyes. She can play the cute kitty, but she only does that when she feels like it. I stayed home and sober Friday AND Saturday night. I like it. I could do this all the time I think. If I could keep myself from being distracted all of the time I might actually start making some extra money. I HAVE to start making money. This is it. The time has come. My goal is to make an extra $1,000 a month to put towards my debt. I want to be up to speed with that by my birthday in June. So this is a little note to EVERYONE including you blondie. This is about me getting my life to where I want it to be. Debt free and happy. I'd appreciate all of your help in reminding me of this as well as remembering this when I say I have things to do. My problem all along has been motivation and when I get it I need to use it! Thanks. Now where did I put all of those models? Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/80 sec
f 2.2
ISO 800