This Is Why I Hate San Diego Beaches!
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0 Comments This Is Why I Hate San Diego Beaches! - 01-30-2007 23:42:55
This is Pensacola Beach. Don't mind the smoke. It was just a little forest fire. Anyway... I hauled Eloise out there in the freezing cold to show her the beaches I grew up going to so maybe she would see why I hate going near these stank ass San Diego beaches so much. I think she gets it now. Hopefully we'll be able to swing a trip back there during the summer this year so we can actually enjoy it a bit more. So yeah... we're back from a week visiting my parents in Florida. It was a good time all except for the cold weather. Got to hang out with both sets of parents plenty, ate too much food, ran into plenty of old friends, made a few new friends, stayed out until 4AM too many nights in a row and generally had a kick ass time. I still missed seeing a lot of people I had every intention of seeing, but somehow managed to miss. A week is just too short when you haven't been home in two years. I'll be making trips a lot more often I hope. As much as I never want to live there again I have to say I really do like where I'm from. I wouldn't be me if I hadn't grown up the way I did and I'm pretty fucking happy with me even if I do say so myself. Canon EOS 20D
22 mm
1/200 sec
f 11
ISO 100