I Have FOURTEEN Post-It Notes On My Monitor
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0 Comments I Have FOURTEEN Post-It Notes On My Monitor - 02-19-2007 23:06:50
They are there to remind me of things I need to do. Some of them even have multiple things written on them. The fucked up thing is that there are probably 10 more under the mess on my desk that fell off before I got around to doing them. I need to take a day off of work and use it JUST for waging war with the Post-It notes. This will be a day when the Blondie is at school all day or out of town. This will need to be a non stop from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep adventure. Anyone or anything that will distract me will need to be gone. It could work. Stranger things have been known to happen. Now I just have to get a day off work and send the Blondie and the Kitty Monster on vacation. The photo is from work of course. The two identical guys just make me laugh. especially since one seems to have holes in the ass of his pants. Canon EOS 20D
150 mm
1/160 sec
f 7.1
ISO 100