It's Getting Hard To Write This Shit! (again)
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3 Comments It's Getting Hard To Write This Shit! (again) - 03-04-2007 23:12:33
I really am drawing a blank every time I sit down to make a post. I wish I had more to say or had the patience to sit down and write what I do have to say, but right now I'm just missing it. It probably doesn't matter much anyway. I imagine about 98% of the people that visit this blog are here looking for boobies. I can't blame you for that and it does sorta let me off the hook when it comes to writing. So this is from the second set I shot of Scar for Since they were back to back and I was kinda getting stuck in the same dark, B/W style I decided to shoot this completely opposite. Bright and colorful! I think it worked although it being the only color set on the site looks a little odd. guess I'll just have to shoot more;) Canon EOS 20D
20 mm
1/60 sec
f 4.5
ISO 400