This Is NOT The Way Trixie Died Today!
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7 Comments This Is NOT The Way Trixie Died Today! - 03-14-2007 23:14:36
None of these shoots are ever planned out in advance. There's been a couple where I didn't even find out how she was dying until they were ready to go shoot it. It used to drive me crazy(and still does a bit), but I started trying to look at it as a challenge. I've always felt like I had a bit of a photojournalist style. Probably because I seriously thought of going that direction with my career(if you can call it that) at one time. Anyway... I like to be able to walk up on a scene, made for me or not, and shoot the best possible photo with the least amount of time and nonsense involved. I failed miserably at that today. Don't think I'm just being hard on myself, EVERYONE blew it today. Out of 15 shoots so far this was the biggest waste of time and money yet. We HAVE to start planning these and figuring out the problems ahead of time! So that's why I feel like shit as I type this. I'm trying to set up a few personal shoots right now and I've lost all motivation because I feel like I'm gonna fuck them up as bad as I did today. Of course I won't, but that's not the way I feel right now. AHHHHH!!!!!!! That up there is shoot 13. Easy as pie! Mmmmm... PIE! PIE PIE PIE PIE!!!!! Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/500 sec
f 3.5
ISO 400