She's Smiling At The Size Of My Lens
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1 Comments She's Smiling At The Size Of My Lens - 04-26-2007 23:29:25
That's Elle from a shoot we did a long time ago. I shot this with the longest lens I own. It's a 150mm/f2.8 Macro. I got it for the macro function mostly. it goes all the way down to a 1:1 magnification and it's long enough that I don't have to be literally right on top of the subject. Occasionally I'll use it like I did for this shot to blur out the background and compress the view a bit. Not often though. I like to be close to my subjects(especially the cute ones). I also have a 85/1.8 that I loved on my film cameras even though I still found it to be a little long for my tastes. Now I rarely use it as well. My favorite lens by far at the moment is a 30/1.4 just because it's fast as hell. I hate shooting with flash and that lens is awesome for low light shooting. When the light is adequate and I'm not going for super shallow depth of field I'll use my 17-40/4. That lens covers pretty much every focal length I need for my stuff. If it was a couple of stops faster I'd just permanently attach it to my camera. Last but not least I have my "drunk" lens. On a full frame camera it would be a full frame fisheye that gave you a 180 degree diagonal view from corner to corner. On my midget frame digital it's just a really wide lens(20-24mm I'd guess) with really bad distortion. I call it my drunk lens because I can set it to f8 and nearly everything from about 3 foot to infinity will be in focus. And with such a wide angle I don't even have to look through the viewfinder really. Add a little pop-up flash and it's the perfect drinking camera/lens combo:) I don't know where all that shit came from or why, but there ya go! Canon EOS 20D
150 mm
1/400 sec
f 4.5
ISO 100