I Love Available Light Shooting
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1 Comments I Love Available Light Shooting - 05-07-2007 23:21:41
I've been shooting at the Happy Hour a lot lately. Well, I shouldn't say a lot since it's maybe once a week, but I've been shooting more there than anywhere else. Which is sad to begin with. Mike (pictured above) is retiring in August and the bar will shut down if no one buys it which doesn't seem likely. Even if it did stay open Mike wouldn't be there so it would loose most of it's appeal just like that. I'm getting off track. Flash would kill the look of the place so I've been shooting available light. Considering the only light in the place other than the TV's and the jukebox comes from ONE screw in fluorescent bulb it's tricky shooting in there. Even at ISO 1600 I'm shooting somewhere around 1/45 at f1.8. And THAT is why you need fast glass. Of course not everyone needs it all the time. I don't. But nothing can take it's place when you do need it. NO, your IS or VR lens will not do the same thing for you. If your shooting fucking still life then yes, you can hand hold at slower shutter speeds, but if you're shooting people you need the faster shutter speed to freeze them. In most cases a nice constant aperture 2.8 zoom will give you much more versatility and bang for your buck than a prime, but no one should be without at least one piece of fast glass in their bag! There you go, my camera gear rant for the year:) Actually I might do that more often. It seems like everybody and their brother are ready to spew their opinion to the world as if it were the ONE AND ONLY way so why the hell shouldn't I? Canon EOS 20D
30 mm
1/45 sec
f 1.8
ISO 1600