It's Good To Be Lucky!
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0 Comments It's Good To Be Lucky! - 05-19-2007 21:56:22
Enough said shown! Well, enough about that anyway. What's really on my mind is spending $1,100 on a new lens. The Canon 24mm/f1.4 L for all the gear heads out there. I don't want to spend that kind of money on anything to be honest. I'd rather just stuff it away in the bank account for a rainy day or pay off my debt with it, but I'm in a bind. I was always a wide angle shooter. Still am, but right now the widest lens I have is the 17-40mm/f4 which is a great lens when you got a decent amount of light around, but practically useless in low light. I've got the Sigma 30mm/f1.4 but on my midget sized camera that's about the equivalent of a 50mm lens. It's been a fine lens and it's still my most used at the moment but I want to go wider and it has to be fast! So I'm plunking down the cash for it first thing Monday morning. This isn't the only lens I need either. I'd also like a new camera since I'm really tired of the midget sized sensors in the cameras I've been using. I'd also like to upgrade the computer, backup system and monitor. We're talking a ton of money here. So... I'm gonna be getting serious about whoring myself out in any way I can to make some cash. First thing I think I'll do is start selling prints. i did go and buy a kickass printer specifically for that purpose a few months ago. So if you're interested in owning any of my photos shoot me an email at luckyb(at) I imagine I'll be offering them in three sizes up to 13x19 and they'll be printed on Crane Museo Silver Rag paper with archival inks so they'll last at least twice as long as you;) Canon EOS 20D
15 mm
1/30 sec
f 8
ISO 800