I Should Have Given Mike The Camera
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2 Comments I Should Have Given Mike The Camera - 06-13-2007 23:08:02
This is one of my favorite photos of Mike now for obvious reasons. It would have been nice to have a little more light on the model but since she was blocking the only light in the place and I've decided against ever using flash there I'll just have to live with this. Still not so bad I don't think. In other news... I finally had to go to the doc today and see about getting my neck baby removed. I might have mentioned him a long time ago but just in case I'll tell you that my baby(actually more of a third arm now) is a cyst I have the back of my neck. It's been a reasonable size and not giving me any problems for a long time now but something happened on my birthday that made it mad. It's so sensitive and swollen that I haven't been sleeping good and I've been having headaches and just all around grumpy. I refused to go to another fucking free/cheap/poor folk clinic after the last two even though that's what my wallet would prefer so I went to a friend's skin doc today(in La Jolla = expensive) and he injected it with something to get rid of the inflammation and pain and put me on antibiotics to kill all the nastiness in it. Next step is to get it cut out so it won't just fill back up. That's gonna run me $750. I don't care because it's going to get done and it's being done by someone who's skill I have a million more times faith in than the free/cheap/poor folk people. So... why am I rambling about this. I'm going to see if anyone out there cares about me enough to fork out some cash for a good cause. For those of you who haven't been paying attention, that would be paying for a good doctor to cut on my neck so it doesn't get infected to the point I have to have my head amputated. I'm going to offer photos for sale. Basically any color photo on this site, NakedGirlsInOurBed.com or my PBase account can be had. I'll make a list of sizes and prices for those. They will be printed and shipped through Fotki.com(that's the reason for color only on those). If you want any(a few of the naked girls in the bed will not be for sale) color or B/W prints printed and signed by me those will be a little extra. Not much though because I need the cash. I'll be printing those on an HP B9180 printer using archival inks and paper(Crane Museo Silver Rag). The Fotki prints are very nice but the HP prints look better and last longer. Enough... I'll work out the details later and start whoring myself out on every site I can this weekend since I need the money in the bank account by the 5thh of July. Canon EOS 20D
24 mm
1/45 sec
f 2.5
ISO 1600