Scanning Old Film
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1 Comments Scanning Old Film - 06-18-2007 23:32:44
I don't even know what year I shot this in. It's Tommy Budjanec jumping down some ridiculously large gap in Mission Valley on his skateboard. It ran as an advertisement for Republic Skateboards. The reproduction in the magazine was pretty fucking horrible and I was never too happy with it. Now that I got to scan it myself I like it quite a bit better. Shot it on T-max 400 in either an EOS A2 or EOS 3 with an 85mm f/1.8 lens. I would have like to have shot it as a sequence but I didn't trust me or the camera to keep the focus as fast as he was moving and with the angle I was shooting at. so I pre-focused on the spot I wanted him in the photograph and waited. N/A
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