Back In Pensacola For A Week!
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7 Comments Back In Pensacola For A Week! - 06-28-2007 10:16:01
Yep, Pensacola, home of... well, home of a bunch of shit including the cool little old guy in the photo above that came out to protest the KKK on this day. This was many years ago right after a doctor and his escort were shot to death by some religious nut. October 1, 1994 I believe. Only three of these sheet wearing idiots came out to protest the use of federal marshalls to protect the abortion clinics, but plenty of folks showed up to let them know what they thought of their protest. I'd keep writing but my mommy has my breakfast ready for me. She's trying to make me fatter while I'm here:) Oh... and rot my brain with soap operas as a constant backgrouand noise. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! N/A
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