I'm Over It!
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4 Comments I'm Over It! - 07-31-2007 23:25:52
What is IT you ask? A little bit of everything it seems like. My usually daily routines, which I normally like to stick to, are driving me crazy. I need change. I need to feel like I'm moving in some direction, any direction! Hell, I can barely stand to talk to anyone right now. It just seems so pointless because I've had all of the same conversations a million times before! Oh yeah... I'm having a hard time being on the computer as well. That is a good thing in some respects, BUT there are things I need to do, mostly photo editing, that are being neglected. I'll try my best to do what I need to get out the photos that I've promised. If you haven't been paying attention, that up there is Vanity & Cynnamon. I shot them for www.NakedGirlsInOurBed.com. Canon EOS 20D
17 mm
1/45 sec
f 5.6
ISO 800