This Photo Is WORTH More Than You!
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0 Comments This Photo Is WORTH More Than You! - 08-10-2007 23:04:19
Ha!!!! The model's name is Jasmine Worth... get it? WORTH! I kill me sometimes! Sorry about that. It's late. So, I really like this photo but I'm kicking myself for not shooting more of Jasmine when i had the chance. Sita Mae was down and set up a shoot with her at my house and I had every opportunity to shoot her as well. Instead I kinda poked my head in with the camera for a moment and zipped off a few frames. Not bad for the whole two minutes I shot but it could have been so much more with a woman this beautiful. So hopefully she'll come back sometime and let me shoot her properly. BTW... I have up new sets of Avery and Stacy at Canon EOS 20D
19 mm
1/60 sec
f 4
ISO 800