Burning Man Bound!!!
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7 Comments Burning Man Bound!!! - 08-25-2007 21:08:19
So yeah... I'm off to burning man again. 11th year in a row now. The photo up there was shot my first year in 1997. That there is real borders folks. They weren't added in Photoshop later. I used to print 50 11-14's of this photo every year to take and give away. I also printed close to 1,000 wallets of this and a few other photos. man it was nice to work at a photo lab where the owner was a complete fucking idiot. that way I didn't feel bad about all the paper and chemistry I wasted on myself. Anyways, I've been printing again. I don't know the exact number but I think it's somewhere around 150 5x7.5" prints of this photo plus 50 more assorted other photos. I wonder how many times I'll hear "Wow, he was on hay bails?" So... that makes FIVE whole posts this month. Sorry. I'll see what I can do about that when i get back. N/A
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