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5 Comments What Do You Think? - 11-26-2007 22:52:20
I think it sucks. Maybe it's just because I had to shoot it, but I think it looks like shit. Do you have any idea how fucking annoying it is when you're shooting something to have someone looking over your shoulder saying "don't worry, you can Photoshop it later"? It makes me want to strangle people. I often get the feeling I'm thought of as just a button pusher. Any idiot with a camera should be able to do what I do right? Fuckit! I'm about to go off on a huge rant if I don't watch it and it's way to fucking late for that right now.

Anyway... This is of course another Dead Trixie shot. I'm sure you've gathered from the above paragraph that it's been trying at times, but I don't mean to make it sound all that bad. I'm very happy with a lot of it and even though the consistent lack of preparation for it makes me want to scream, it also makes me feel that much better about it when I do pull it off and make something I actually like out of it. It's happened more than a few times now. And out of the 26 sets I've edited so far there has only been one that I think truly sucks so bad it shouldn't have been put up. Can you guess which it is? BTW... Dead Trixie is NOT my website. I shoot the photos, the rest of it is Trixie herself so if you have a problem with it there's no need to share it with me because I don't give a shit:)

Canon EOS 20D
22 mm
1/125 sec
f 4
ISO 800