The Super Awesome Adventures Of Lucky's Ring
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1 Comments The Super Awesome Adventures Of Lucky's Ring - 12-11-2007 22:33:54
I mentioned a new project a couple of posts ago. It's starting off slow of course and I doubt I'll even post any photos for a while, but the basic premise is that the website is a blog about my ring and what it's been up to. My ring by itself should be able to get into a lot more trouble than it does while it's on my finger. Hopefully I can convince people to let me shoot their photo with it.

Anyway... that's THE ring up there. Not very fancy, I know, but it's the only piece of jewelery that I've kept over the last few years. I'm not big on jewelery, but when I'm given something that doesn't completely suck I'll wear it. And if it was given to me for a very good reason or by a very awesome person I tend to keep it longer. This particular ring was given to me by my friend Timothy and I can't imagine I'll ever part with it unless my fingers get too fat to keep it on.

Just a word of warning. This project, hopefully, will wind up being completely X-rated. Who knows if it actually will or not but that's what I want it to be. I'll elaborate more in coming days. I need the sleep now.

Oh yeah... the web address for this new site is either...
Canon EOS 40D
150 mm
1/125 sec
f 16
ISO 100