Where's The Happy Hour When You Need It?
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3 Comments Where's The Happy Hour When You Need It? - 12-14-2007 23:43:30
It's amazing how everything can be fine one moment and then 5 minutes later it seems like the world has crashed down on top of you. That happened to me tonight. It happened to be one of those rare occasions where I actually wanted to go out and be social. Unfortunately it's just too difficult. There aren't any bars left that I REALLY like. I was willing to settle for either of the two bars within walking distance but... FUCK IT!!!!!

Here we go again. I'm not that good of a writer. There is no possible way to get my thoughts out of my head and into the computer in a form that will adequately get the feelings across that I'm having. So I'm not going to try. I'm going to sit here and wait for the sleeping pills I took an hour ago to take effect so I can get a reasonably good nights worth of sleep so maybe I'm not a complete fuck up when I'm shooting tomorrow.

The photo is some girl whose name I can't remember, Rebecca Lawrence and Click Hamilton
Canon EOS 20D
24 mm
1/45 sec
f 1.8
ISO 1600