Just Because It Needs To Be Seen
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6 Comments Just Because It Needs To Be Seen - 12-24-2007 23:05:40
The only place any of these photos will likely be seen is on the web. This photo and quite a few others were taken after I took the camera off the tripod(check the Naked Girls In Our Bed site for the last set of Scar)so I didn't include them on the site. That means those have even less of a chance of being seen so I'll probably post a bunch of them here. Trouble is I still have another 400 or so photos of her that I shot that day that aren't bed photos so they really have no place to go. Well, that's not entirely true. They will most likely wind up on her pay site... www.Scar13.com.

Oh yeah... Merry Fuckin' X-mas!
Canon EOS 40D
17 mm
1/60 sec
f 5
ISO 320